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Hydrogel is an ecological hydro-absorbent which retains water at the roots of plants.

Hydrogel in soil

Hydrogel in ground soil retains water and nutrients by plant roots, thus reducing the need for watering by up to 70%
for at least 5 years. 

Hydrogel retains water in ground soil, reduces the frequency of required watering, and enhances the healthy growth of trees and plants. Hydrogel is beneficial for practically all forms of agriculture, horticulture and gardening, from fields, orchards and vineyards, to lawns, grass sports fields, parks, gardens, flower beds, and plant pots and boxes.

Using Hydrogel for planting and transplanting

Prepare a hollow or pit hole of sufficient size.

Mix well dry Hydrogel into the soil.

Plant the tree or plant according to usual practices.

After planting, water the tree or plant thoroughly to maximise the Hydrogel’s absorption process.

1 kg retains
250 l of water

3g/l of soil

action in soil
up to 7 years

for 4 years

Hydrogel in use 

Our customers use Hydrogel for gardening, agriculture, forestry, urban green spaces, for grass sports fields and in recultivation. Hydrogel is beneficial for the transportation and storage of live plants, and indoor plantations and terraces. Hydrogel was originally developed for cultivation in extreme conditions such as sandy soil and on slopes. 


For beautiful, lush gardens, healthy plants and considerably less watering in dry periods.


Hydrogel retains rainwater in roots thus relieving stress on plants for improved harvests.


Hydrogel increases successful planting of trees in low quality soil and on slopes .

Urban green spaces 

Maintain beautiful green lawns and parks, and lush flowerbeds while saving water.

Indoor plants

Ensure plants have sufficient water even in periods of longer absence, and lower frequency of required watering.


Football pitches and golf courses treated with Hydrogel are healthier and greener even in prolonged dry periods.

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Powder or crystal?

Choosing the right form is straight forward. Generally, crystal is used where there is a large amount of soil i.e. in gardens, fields, lawns or green houses. Powder is ideal for small planting beds such as plant pots and boxes. Powder is also used in some agricultural applications including vineyards and the planting of poppy.

Hydrogel - prášek


grain size 0,2 – 0,8 mm

flower pots, boxes, urban greenery, industry, food industry

Hydrogel - krystalky


grain size 0,8 – 2,0 mm

agriculture, horticulture, forestry, reclamation, grasslands

Are you planning to buy a large amount of hydrogel as a company?  We will be glad to send you a wholesale price list.
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