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Business Terms and Conditions

  1. Vendor’s contact details
    Name: - Ing. Tomas Prokop  
    Registered address: Krizovnicka 86/6, 110 00 Prague 1, Czechia  
    Company no: 73186651 VAT payee no: CZ7909145002  
    Registration: Trade Registration Office in Ostrava  
    Telephone: +420 605 550 169  

    Contact address:, Krizovnicka 86/6, 110 00 Prague 1

    Business hours: 8 – 17 Monday to Friday 
  2. Information
    With the exception of evident mistakes, information about goods and the prices provided by the vendor are binding. The prices displayed include all taxes (e.g. VAT) and charges, except for delivery costs.

    Information about accepted methods of payment is available here. The vendor does not add any charges for certain methods of payment.

    Orders placed with amendments or additions to the conditions will not be accepted.

    Claims of contractual obligations in non-written form which differ from the agreed content of the actual Agreement are not legally valid.

    In the event of erroneous despatch of goods, taking delivery by the Customer does not amount to acceptance by the customer of the goods delivered. 
  3. Delivery of goods
    The Vendor undertakes to deliver orders in full to the customer within 15 days of confirmation of the order, unless for specific goods a different delivery time is clearly stated. If an item is listed as “in stock”, the vendor will despatch the given item within two working days of confirmation of an order. By placing an order, the Customer undertakes to take delivery and pay for all goods ordered. Customers are advised to check the contents of delivered orders as soon as possible.

    The vendor is obliged to despatch documentation pertaining to goods, i.e. taxation documents, confirmation and certificates, to the Customer within two working days of the Customer taking delivery of goods.

    Upon request by the Customer, the Vendor is obliged to confirm in written form the extent of the latter’s responsibilities pertaining to an erroneous delivery and / or faulty goods and how the Customer can exercise his legal rights pertaining thereto.

    Delivery method and costs: Prices of Hydrogel and delivery information.
  4. Cancellation of orders and withdrawal from contract
    Failure by the Customer to take delivery of an order within the agreed timeframe amounts to a breach of contractual obligations and the former is obliged to pay the Vendor a charge of CZK 10 for each day of storage. This charge may not, however, exceed CZK 300.

    In the event the Vendor evidently notifies the Customer by email and proposes a further delivery period within a reasonable timeframe, and the Customer again fails to take delivery, the Vendor is entitled to sell the given order to a third party. The Vendor has the right to charge the Customer for costs incurred for the storage and failed attempt to deliver ordered goods to the Customer by subtracting these costs from the amount paid for the order.

    The Customer may withdraw from the contract within 14 days of taking delivery of ordered goods or the last instalment of a delivery, irrespective of the method of delivery or payment. This time period is for the Customer to reasonably acquaint himself with the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.

    The Customer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement at any time prior to delivery.

    In such an event, the Customer is obliged to send notification to the Vendor within 14 days. The Customer is not obliged to state a reason for withdrawal from the Agreement. To facilitate communication, it is preferable for the withdrawing Customer to state the date of order placement, or agreement / invoice number, bank details and the chosen method for the return of goods.

    The Vendor is obliged to reimburse to the withdrawing Customer the full cost paid for the goods and the delivery costs thereof using the same method of transaction by which the goods were originally paid and within 14 days of withdrawal from the Agreement. If the Vendor offers several delivery methods, the former is obliged to reimburse the Customer the cost of the cheapest method. The order must be returned to the Vendor directly (not for collection) complete, preferably in its original packing, and must not be used or damaged. The Customer is obliged to pay for the return delivery of the goods.

    If returned goods are damaged as a result of failure by the Customer to fulfil their obligations, the Vendor has the right to compensation to the extent of the devaluation of the returned goods and to deduct this amount from the order payment to be reimbursed to the Customer.  
  5. Rights and obligations pertaining to erroneous orders

    Quality upon delivery

    In the event delivered goods are faulty or damaged (e.g. they do not fulfil the agreed or rightly expected characteristics, are not suitable for the agreed or advertised application, the delivery is not complete, the goods are under weight, volume and size, do not comply with other legal requirements or the contractual parameters), this amounts to faulty goods for which the Vendor is responsible.

    If repair or replacement of faulty goods is not possible, the Customer may demand the return of the payment for the goods in full on the basis of Withdrawal from Agreement.

    Legal rights pertaining to faulty goods

    In the event of fault or damage which qualifies as minor breach of agreement (irrespective of whether the goods are reparable or not), the Customer has the right to repair/correction of the fault, or a proportionate discount from the purchase price.

    In the event of recurring damage or fault after repair or rectification (three claims for the same fault, or four claims for varying faults), or if goods have numerous faults (at least three concurrently), the Customer may exercise his rights for a price reduction, replacement of goods, or Withdrawal from Agreement.

    The Vendor is not responsible for faults or damage incurred as a result of normal attrition or failure to adhere to instructions for use.
  6. Processing of complaints
    The Customer is obliged to lodge a complaint with the Vendor or person/entity entitled to perform repairs, without undue delay following identification of fault / damage. The complaint must be lodged in writing or via email, contain a description of the fault / damage, and the Customer’s preferred method for resolving the complaint.

    The Customer is obliged to inform the Vendor which right he choses for the complaint when informing of the fault / damage, or without due delay thereafter. The Customer may only change their choice of right to exercise their complaint without the consent of the Vendor in the event they initially requested a correction /reparation of the fault / error and that correction /reparation was not possible.

    If the Customer fails to exercise his rights pertaining to gross breach of agreement within time, he has the right to proceed with the complaint as minor breach of agreement.

    The Customer is obliged to present proof of purchase (preferably an invoice). The period for processing a complaint commences as of delivery to the Vendor, or the entity responsible for repairs. Goods for return or repair should be placed in suitable packaging for delivery to avoid damage and should be delivered in clean and complete form.

    The Vendor is obliged to decide his response to the complaint, including whether the complaint should be submitted for specialist assessment, and inform the Customer of his assessment within three working days. The Vendor undertakes to process a complaint, including repair or replace the faulty goods, without due delay and within a maximum of 30 days of the complaint being lodged, unless the Vendor and Customer do not agree to another timeframe. Following the lapse of this period, the Customer may exercise all rights pertaining to gross breach of agreement.

    If the Vendor is unable of unwilling to repair or correct faulty goods or delivery, the Customer may demand a price reduction or withdraw from the agreement.

    The guarantee period for goods is extended by the time period between the lodge of a complaint and the resolution thereof, or the time by which the Customer is obliged to collect the goods. In the event of replacement, or partial replacement, of goods, the Vendor’s obligations are the same as for newly purchased goods.

    If it is not possible to monitor the state of the complaint process online, the Vendor undertakes to inform the Customer of the state of the process via email or SMS according to the Customer’s preference.

    In the event of his complaint being upheld, the Customer has the right to compensation for related expenses incurred.
  7. Protection of personal information
    The Customer agrees for personal information he submits to be processed by the Vendor in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Information (Czech Law no. 101/2000 Sb), for the purpose of fulfilling the matter of the agreement. The Customer has the right to demand which information the Vendor keeps in his records and has the right to change this information or inform in writing of their objection to the processing of this information. Supervision of protection of personal data is conducted by the Czech Office for the Protection of Personal Data.

    The Customer may inform the Vendor that they wish to discontinue the posting of business correspondence to email address(es) provided for the purpose of fulfilling the agreement without the Vendor demanding a charge.
  8. Resolution of conflicts
    In the case of failure of mutual resolution between the Vendor and Customer, the conflict will be referred to the appropriate court.

    For advice regarding his consumer rights, the Vendor may contact dTest o.p.s. via the website, or by telephone +420 299 149 009

    Supervision of adherence to Czech Law No. 634/1992 Sb on Consumer Protection is conducted by the Czech Business and Trade Inspectorate (

    These Terms of Business are valid as of 1st January, 2014.
Krizovnicka 86/6
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

+420 605 550 169